The London Flute Quintet

Our Next Concert is Tuesday 2nd April 2019 in Cambridge


The London Flute Quintet was formed in 2015. This exciting  ensemble uses all the members of the flute family (from bass flute to piccolo) to produce a ravishing palette of tone colours which brings their music to life. Their repertoire ranges from Baroque to the present day, with a particular enthusiasm for French Impressionist music and an increasing proportion of their own arrangements and creations.

All the players in the LFQ are professionally trained and have a passion for chamber music. Dan Dixon and Liz Cutts enjoy making arrangements of music they love for the quintet. We also play many good arrangements by Gudrun Hinze, of the inspirational German Quintet ‘Quintessenz’.

LFQ has given numerous concerts in the United Kingdom and in the South West France.